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Ant Information

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Black House Ant


Description: Black in colour average 2.5-3.0mm


The black house ant has a  bit of a sweet tooth and will seek out sweet foods but they will also eat seeds,plants,fats and grease.

Their moisture needs is most common reason they invade kitchens, bathrooms and other sources of moisture through out our homes.


Argentine Ant

Description: 3-5mm light to dark brown in colour


The Argentine ant prefer eat foods such as fruit juices and plant secretions but will also forage on proteins such as meat, other insects and eggs.

They will also nest indoors if outdoor conditions are to wet or dry.   


Green Headed Ant

Description: 5-7mm in size coloring Dark, metallic coloration varying from a green-blue to a green-purple sheen.


Green ants also known as green headed ants are very commonly found in urban areas and suburban areas and have a wide range in there diet, ranging from protein meats to all kinds of vegetation, 

they in habit areas such as lawns, in gardens, around pathways under logs and rocks, do watch there bite as it does pack a punch.  

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