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Average lifespan Status: wild 2 years

Average mass: 400 g

Average length: 399 mm

Breeding interval: Norway rats may breed up to 7 times per year with an average of 10 offspring and can start breeding at 3-4 months of maturity, one of most common and known for its tunneling in and around urban areas. 

Norway Rat "Burrower"


Range lifespan status: wild 1 (high) years

Average mass: 200 g

Range length: 160 to 220 mm

Breeding Intervals: Roof rats can have up to 6 to 12 offspring at one time, climbing to a height of 250 m theirs not many places these guys cant reach. Starting breeding between 3-5 months of age.

Breeding season: Mates throughout the year if environmental conditions permit, however peak times are summer and autumn seasons. 

Roof Rat 'The Climber' 


Range Life span: 1-5 Years 

Range mass: 12.0 to 30.0 g

Range length: 65.0 to 95.0 mm

Breeding intervals: House mouse can have and average of 7 offspring and breeds all year round at one time.It starts breeding 5 to 7 weeks of age, being know as the invader due to it loves making your home its home.

House Mouse 'The Invader'

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